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Harness the positive power of change

There’s only one thing that’s constant in life; things change!

We often get a bit scared about change. We can see it as something negative or a threat. In reality, change can be a fantastic opportunity. Without it, we don’t grow or develop, we stagnate. When we learn to harness the positive power of change, things really start to happen.

Welcome change.

When we face challenges and then find creative solutions for our problems, that’s when we grow as individuals. Every change, whether it brings advantages or disadvantages in the short term, is one more step in the ongoing journey of our personal development.

Change brings with it an opportunity to learn new skills. To add something to your armoury, something you may not have realised you even needed. In life, you need to be adaptable and can often find yourself wearing many different hats. You might believe that change is bad because it’s a shift from the status quo, which can feel uncomfortable. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and continuing to learn new skills will keep you agile and help you to react more effectively when needed.   

How you meet and solve the problems of one challenge can determine what you do when the next one appears. Change makes you stronger and gives you a list of wins that you can use to motivate yourself when the next one pops up, which it will!

Seeing change a something essential for developing a success mindset and embracing it will help you to turn each one into a positive experience.


Here are some techniques you can use to help you harness the positive power of change…


Make a list of past wins.


Have a think about the times when you’ve had to face big changes in the past. Think about how the change had an impact on you, and reflect on how things turned out in the end. Although you might not want to go through the specific changes again, list what the benefits were and what you learned from the experience. Keep the list to hand and the next time you feel anxious or worried about possible changes or challenges, whip it out and remind yourself of all the successes you’ve had in the past.

Prepare and plan

Change can often happen suddenly and cause shockwaves. Take some time to think about what could happen in the future and potential challenges that could arise. This is not being negative and you don’t need to dwell negatively on what might happen or spend time worrying about it. Think about how you would deal proactively with these situations and make positive contingency plans. If a sudden change does happen, even if it’s something negative, you’ll be prepared to face it with confidence.

Give your inner critic the boot.

Negative self-talk and those niggling beliefs about what you can or can’t do will destroy your confidence. Everyone has an inner critic, telling us we’re not good enough or we’re going to fail. The times when we’re facing big or sudden changes are exactly when our inner critic kicks in and knocks us off course. That’s the time to work hard and really stick the boot in.

Listening to your inner critic is a bad habit and like any bad habit, it can be broken. Negative thoughts can be replaced with positive ones. The first thing is to recognise when you’re doing it. If you catch yourself listening to your inner critic monster, stop what you’re doing, breathe and replace the negative thought with something else. For instance, “I can’t do this” changes to; “Although this might be tough, all the skills and tools I need to tackle it are available to me”.

Changing the thought changes the behaviour, and as a consequence the actions you take, which in turn will always change the outcome.

Grab some positive energy.

The way you think rubs off on other people, and the energy of who you spend your time with will rub off on you too. Surrounding yourself with positive people who have a growth mindset and who positively approach change will inspire you to do the same.

See the bigger picture.


In the long run, most change brings benefits. It might seem like you’re having a bad time right now, but it’s just a bump in the road. Change can open the door to new opportunities and new ways of doing things. Remember this the moment change starts to happen, and you’ll face it more calmly and harness its power more effectively.

The challenges caused by the change are usually only short term. You might have a tough time this week, this month, or this year. But if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that change opens the doors to new opportunities. Try to keep this in mind the moment change strikes, and you’ll be able to deal with it more calmly.

If you want to learn more about how to harness the positive power of change and how to make change work for you, book a free coaching session with me today. Find out more about coaching with Lisa here

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