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Is it time to review your business?

Never assume anything. You might find that it's time to review your business

Back at the start of the summer, we booked an overnight B&B stay through Booking.com

When we booked, we let the owners know that we’d be a little later than their stated check-in time and we’d also have the dog with us (we had specifically searched for a dog-friendly B&B).

Everything was very efficient. We even had an instant email response saying although there would be a small charge for Mr D Dog, he’d get a bed, bowls and treats on arrival – a really nice touch.

Everything ran super smoothly, and the room was just what we needed except there were no little extras for Mr D when we arrived. He didn’t seem too bothered though, so we didn’t feel the need to mention it.

Over breakfast the next morning, with Mr D looking on longingly, out of the kitchen roars a very unhappy owner demanding that we pay for the dog. A little confused, we made it clear that we intended to pay for everything, not just the dog. But, as he’d brought it up, where were the little doggy extras we’d been promised? ‘We didn’t know you were bringing a dog!’ barks grumpy man.

A bit of a misunderstanding.


It turns out he was using an automated email to respond to OTA bookings. His staff were responding to enquiries from home and there was no communication process in place. He clearly wasn’t aware of the situation and hadn’t checked anything before approaching us.

Manage automation.


Automated processes are hugely efficient and can save loads of time when used properly. If there’s a glitch at any stage, however, the whole system will come crashing down. Make sure your automated processes work and test them for weaknesses, and then test them again regularly to be on the safe side.

And always just take a moment to check on a situation before you assume anything. Sadly, we won’t book again. For the sake of a couple of minutes diligence, he did himself out of potential repeat bookings – the place was lovely and, on a route, we use regularly.

Misunderstandings will happen.


Misunderstandings can and do happen, but they needn’t impact your business so negatively. An independent review of your processes and the customer journey will provide you with a very clear picture of everything you do from an outside perspective. You’ll receive a full report and sensible recommendations on ways you can improve and put more smiles on more faces.

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